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Somehow I didn’t blog yesterday. I suppose almost four months of constant blogging isn’t bad. Hopefully I’ll return to the daily blogging… but probably not.

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I’m being a typical Brit again. I’m moaning about the weather. Earlier on this afternoon, I was in work. Our office has a lot of windows – it’s a bit like being in a greenhouse. The sun way out and according to Twitter, it has been the hottest day of the year so far. Therefore, I was sitting at my desk, boiling hot and sweating. I’m not back home and where has the sun and heat gone? It’s disappeared. I’m absolutely freezing!

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Why is it that Saturday and Sundays always seem to go faster than any other days of the week?

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Today is a very special day. Special because it is my blog’s birthday! Sean’s Stories is now 10 years old! That’s right – I’ve been blogging for an entire decade. I was blogging before it became popular, I continued when every man and his dog ran a blog and I carry on to run a blog, long after all the men have stopped updating theirs and the dogs have died.

I know putting so many hours into what is effectively a diary is nothing to be proud of, but so what. One day my blog will be read by people in their millions. I could be the next Anne Frank. Unfortunately, by the time any society takes an interest in my ramblings, both you and I will be long gone. It’ll be hundreds of years, possibly thousands. The streets will resemble a scene from Back to the Future 2. I’ll be looked back on as a twenty first century eccentric. My blog will sell though. It’ll sell like a form of futuristic hot cake. Sadly, being dead, I will be unable to reap the benefits. I will make the exact amount of money from my diary as Anne Frank made from the sale of hers. Too soon?

I did buy my blog a birthday card *

*OK, I didn’t buy one. I just went on the Moonpig website and created a preview of what one would look like if I did buy one.

I was going to buy my blog a cake, but I forgot. So instead, I stole one from a children’s birthday party. Thank you, Vivi. **

** I lied again. You’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t steal a cake from a little girl. I just used Google image search.

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