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Firstly I’ve moved all my previous January blogs into the archive. I have been very busy blogging this month and the main page is getting extremely cluttered.

Last night after going to a friends to play a bit of GoldenEye and Super Bomberman 2, I went to the cinema to see Team America: World Police.

The film was created by Trey Parker & Matt Stone who made the South Park series. Being a South Park fan this film looked very promising. Although it was very funny in places and topical (which I liked), it did leave me slightly disappointed (possibly because I was expecting something as funny as the hilarious South Park Movie).

The film is made using Thunderbird style puppets; these were hilarious to watch at first but after about 40 minutes the novelty had worn off. Still, the film kept amusing the audience with completely bizarre scenes. Once you’ve seen a string puppet vomiting, you’ve seen everything… well everything apart from a man eating his own head.

Overall, good film even though it is very strange, I recommend it.

Few in the puppet world shed a tear when Paris was destroyed

As I was out last night, I was unable to watch Big Brother (I’ll be able to watch it later as I have it on Sky+), although I did hear Jackie has gone. She was very entertaining, even though she probably didn’t know it (extraordinary, strange woman). I’m glad John Cririck has stayed as he is very good for entertainment. Whenever he’s in the house an argument can come from nowhere. :o)

Something else I recorded on Sky+ was a collection of programs from National Geographic. It’s rare I often watch this channel, but I noticed that they were showing a series of documentaries on animals that kill humans; these kinds of shows always interest me. I don’t know what the programs were called, probably “Fast Animals, Slow Children”.

Fast Animals, Slow Children – Only on National Geographic

Finally onto Leeds United. They’re playing Cardiff City at Elland Road this afternoon. The players will have to put all their off field problems behind them as a victory against the Welshmen would mean so much to the Leeds fans.

In recent years, Cardiff City and Leeds United have become bitter rivals following an FA Cup game in 2002 when Leeds suffered a surprise defeat and there was a lot of violence spurred on by certain members of Cardiff Football Club staff.

The off field problems will affect the Leeds players, there’s no doubt about that, I think they will react in one of two ways. Firstly they could totally give up in which case it could be a massacre and Cardiff could win, 2 or 3-0. On the other hand, the problems could bring the players together which will mean a fabulous performance and a massive win, maybe 4-1. I really can’t predict which it’ll be. :o(

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