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I found my missing headset last night. Somehow it made its way into my socks drawer. How the hell it got there, I do not know. I blame the Underpants Gnomes.

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I had a go on the Nintendo Wii for the first time tonight. I was playing Mario Strikers – a strange football game, very original, but with a rather Japanese/Yank stance on the beautiful game. Basically it was very, very strange.

The controller was weird, but after much cursing, I finally mastered it. I do, however, struggle to see how so many people lose grip of their pads and end up smashing TVs, windows and each others skulls. The strap fitted comfortable around my wrist and was in no danger of flying away. I can only assume those who did cause “Damage by Wii” were either
1) Drunk
2) Stupid
3) Hoping to put a dodgy insurance claim in

All in all, a fun bit of kit, and guaranteed fun when lots of friends are round, or when you come back from an evening at the pub. If like me, you want serious gaming, buy an Xbox 360.

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This weekend’s “meet-up” with Simon and Watkins took us to The Globe pub. A regular favourite of ours, which for some reason, we hadn’t attended in quite a while.

Regular readers of my blog will know I am a fan of The Globe’s infamous Hunters Chicken dish. On my last few visits, however, I have gone for either steak or pie. Last night I went back to the favourite dish. It must have been 12 months since I last ordered the chicken delicacy, and yesterday’s offering was just as nice as I remembered it to be.

Along with our meal, Simon and I bought Suffolk Cider. I was not aware that the county of Suffolk was famous for its cider, and after drinking it last night, I now know why. Mr. Thatcher and Sir. Sheppy don’t have to worry about losing any of my custom to that Suffolk piss. I’d even drink Strongbow before I bought another bottle of what I had last night!

After the meal, we drove back to my flat. Watkins was going to come in, but then discovered Simon and my terrible secret plan… to watch Match of the Day. As soon as the hint of football was mentioned, Johnny McWatkins hopped back into his car, and sped back home to Wells, leaving Simon and me to watch the football highlights on our own.

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I still haven’t had an excuse to moan about the football this season, with both Leeds and Bath City winning again. I’m beginning to forget what it’s like to lose a game!

City beat St. Albans 3-0, thanks to some clumsy defending (on St. Albans’ part), a generous referee and overall world-class skill from the Bath City players (naturally).

Leeds’ win was their seventh consultative victory. This run equals their best ever record, originally set in 1973. I may have a little party if the boys in white make it 8 in a row, next week. Nearly 30,000 fans turned up to watch the game at Elland Road – the highest attendance in the whole of England after Arsenal and Liverpool. Not bad for a “small”, northern League One side.

After the City game I had some important business to deal with – attend the Bath City Supporters Club Annual General Meeting. Lots of top secret stuff was discussed, including plans to warn Chelsea off the Bath City manager, John Relish. I know that it sounds a little sad to be attending meetings on a Saturday; after all I have to go to them in the week, but unlike the ones at work, I was able to buy and consume alcohol.

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Everyone loses things; whether it be socks, money, keys or a child, it can be very annoying. Some losses can be explained by carelessness, some things eventually get found, and sometimes things just disappear for no apparent reason – never to be found again.

Last night, I thought I would use my Xbox headset. I could not find it anywhere. Something rather strange as it used to sit comfortable along with my other HiFi and gaming equipment. Despite clearing up the whole media centre, taking a sofa-bed to pieces and emptying various cupboards around my flat, the fucking headset could not be found!

I have absolutely no idea what could have happened to it. Next week is a massive date on the gaming calendar with both Halo 3 and Fifa 08 getting released – an event which looks to set me back £100. As both of this games feature big online features, a headset is an essential bit of kit. The loss couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

I have given up the hunt, and unless by some bizarre miracle I find it in the next few days, I will be buying a replacement along with my other games in the week. Now, do I buy a wired or wireless one?

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