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I’ve been a lazy blogger recently, despite having two 4-day weekends in succession. I’ve been using Twitter too much – something I promised myself I would never use as an alternative to blogging. I must not make a habit of it. Anyway, here is a collection of my recent thoughts. I hope to provide an update again soon and not leave you all in suspense for another week.

I didn’t watch the wedding. I am not one of these people who will cover my house in flags and spray paint the cat in the colours of the Union Jack all in the name of the monarchy. I did appreciate the day off though, which was spent mostly watching TV.

Instead of witnessing two public school graduates tying the knot, I entertained myself with some sophisticated and intellectual television. Mainly, Three In A Bed, Family Guy and Hot Fuzz.

I awoke this morning to the news that Osama Bin Liner had been killed. I was in bed at the time of learning this news. I knew it must have been true, as Twitter had exploded.

Well, we’re told he’s dead. We haven’t actually seen any photos or videos of a body. We just have the word of all the nice news reporters that he’s sleeping with the fishes. Maybe he’ll turn up in a few years time, like Harold Bishop did on Neighbours.

In typical fashion, the sick jokes started coming out, even before the brains had finished draining from the bullet-ridden skull of the teorrist. My favourite joke being one which indicated Osama had entered his location details into the recently hacked PlayStation Network.

Everyone seems to be claiming the world is now a safer place. I hope they’re right. Personally, I worry that this will cause a major storm in the terrorist world. That said, I don’t know what else could be done. He had to be stopped and it wouldn’t have been possible to capture him and keep him imprisoned, without causing even more problems.

The football season is over. Well, for most fans (I know there are many more games to play in the Premier League). Bath City rounded off a superb year with a 2-0 win over Mansfield to finish 10th in the league.  This is a marvellous achievement for their first season in the National Conference, especially as they were one of just three part time teams – the other two were relegated.

So, as with previous years, here are the stats for this season…

This season I have…

Seen 61 games of football – 56 for Bath City (plus 2 for Bath City Youth)
173 goals
and travelled over 8,400 miles – that’s more than to New York and back.

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