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… guess who forgot to pay their hosting fees? They have now been paid, but as a result, my website was down for the last two days. Did you miss anything? Unless you wanted to read stuff from the past 13 years, no. I haven’t blogged since New Year’s Day. Until now…

Since my injury, I am still using the crutch during my recovery. I have been attending Bath City home games without any difficulty, although have avoided travelling on the coach since September. Claire still goes to many of the away games. Today, Bath City were playing Oxford City. However, it was absolutely freezing everywhere. As sure as eggs are eggs, the game would be off. Did Oxford mention anything on their website or Twitter account? Did they hell. This meant Claire had to defrost her car, drive to her parents, pick them up, drive to Twerton Park, wait in the cold for the inevitable announcement that the game was off. It was. My wifey returned to me, under an hour after she left. Looking a tad pissed off and very cold indeed.

Sir David Attenborough confirms the Oxford City pitch is frozen and unplayable.

Remember when I got Grand Theft Auto 5? It was way back in 2013. I must have blogged about it. Anyway, I didn’t finish it, despite absolutely loving the series. The fact the PlayStation 3 was dying, resulting in the fan sounding like a jet engine kind of put me off playing the game. Over three years later, I am actually pleased that the PS3 did snuff it. I am finally an owner of a lush looking PlayStation 4, and guess what… GTA5 is on that too – and it looks even better than the PS3 version! I am therefore enjoying driving about Los Santos, stealing cars and killing people. It sounds atrocious, but it is the most fun since I inflicted life threatening, third degree burns on Dr Robotnik, on Sonic The Hedgehog.

Leeds are still doing worryingly well. Every time I think they’re going to slip up, they end up winning. The Mighty Whites are on Sky tonight (we’re always on Sky these days), against Barnsley. Kick off is in 11 minutes, so I had better wrap up this blog, find a few images to stick to it and upload the whole lot to WordPress.

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Welcome back to my blog. I’ve been away from here for a long time, but fear not, I will (hopefully) keep this blogging going again.

So where have I been? I suffered an accident at work, injuring my leg. A pitiful excuse for not blogging, as I don’t type with my toes. I had a bit of time off work, but have since returned, albeit still using a crutch, for the time being.

After a few weeks of not blogging, you find yourself in a situation of where to begin again, even though I had lots of blogworthy stuff…

Besides getting crocked, the following noteworthy things happened to me over the last couple of months.

– Starting a new job. I haven’t travelled far from my old one. No more than 10 feet to be exact. I received a new desk, computer, chair and mouse as part of my transfer fee from the IT Service Desk. The new job is a lot more interesting and gives me a lot to learn. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I had been doing the Service Desk job, in some form, for over ten years. I could therefore do it with my eyes closed. The new challenge is therefore most welcome, although I can’t close my eyes as much anymore.

– Christmas shopping. I hate going into town shopping at the best of times, let alone on the run up to the festive period. The last time I ventured into town in December, I felt like Mufasa from The Lion King, in that wildebeest scene. I therefore did all my Christmas shopping online, most of it coming from Amazon. The delivery drivers must have become well and truly fed up with driving down my little cul-de-sac – no wonder they’re all shitting into carrier bags.

– Leeds United. I started my blog a month before they were relegated from the Premiership in 2004. Since then, most of my posts have been moaning about how badly they have been performing. Coincidentally, since I stopped blogging in September, they’ve been doing bloody well. I have finally recovered from my man crush of Simon Grayson and Luciano Becchio. I have two new heroes in my life – Garry Monk and Pontus Jansson. So well are Leeds doing right now, that if they’re not careful, they’ll end up getting promoted. No doubt the fact I am blogging again, I’ll jinx the entire football club and they’ll be relegated in January.

– Holiday! – we had two holidays planned since I last blogged. The first trip was to Butlins in Minehead. We went there a couple of years ago and enjoyed ourselves so much, we thought we would return. The last time we went, we stayed in a dirty old chalet, on the top of a dangerous looking staircase. This time, we paid a little extra for a cleaner, nicer and modern apartment, right next to the sea. Our second holiday was to Weymouth. This would have been lovely, apart from the fact we didn’t go! We awoke on the morning we were supposed to leave, to find that the house was freezing cold. Upon in investigation, we discovered that the boiler had broken – we had no heating or hot water. Many hours later, we got a plumber to fix it, and both and heat and warmth were restored. By this point, we had missed the chance to go to Weymouth, so enjoyed a few days at home in Bath… at least it was warm.

So that’s what you’ve missed. I’ll be back blogging again in another 3 months. See you in March!

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I was shocked and appalled this morning, when I bought a doughnut from the local bakery. The doughnut cost £1.05. I wasn’t trying to buy cocaine! I wanted a doughnut. Life under the Tory government.

It still tasted amazing…

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I thought it was about time I blogged about something non-football related, as I’m aware that over the last couple of weeks, all my blogs have been about Leeds United’s new manager crisis!

There is absolutely no excuse for my blogging laziness. I had a perfect blogworthy topic to write about last Friday. Claire picked me up from work, so we could go to The Village. This is our high street of shops, but all locals refer to it as “The Village”. Anyone who has seen the movie Hot Fuzz, will recall the residents of Sanford. Our “Village” is very similar – although there are no murderers and instead of a Somerfield, we have a Tesco Express.

After browsing all the aisles of Tesco and paying for our groceries, we noticed the weather outside. It was raining, but this was no ordinary rain, this was rain of a Biblical scale. People sometimes say it is raining buckets – it literally was. Standing outside for a few seconds would leave you soaked. The car was not parked near Tesco. We were stranded.

Showers like this don’t normally last long in England, so we decided to wait by the exit to the supermarket. The rain persisted. Feeling self-conscious about standing in the doorway, holding our bags of shopping, we braved the outside. It was just like standing under a bathroom shower, in your clothes! After walking for about 20 seconds, we realised our mistake and took cover under an estate agents. A river of water ran down the road. I am sure that I saw a salmon swimming past us. Then the thunder and lightning started. God was very angry.

This was getting ridiculous. The car was literally minutes away. We couldn’t stand around in the village forever. With the water levels rising, there was a serious risk we could drown. We decided to walk through the rain and the storm, knowing that the sanctuary of the car wasn’t far away. The car would then drive us home, where we would be able to change into dry clothes.

As we walked to the car, someone who can only be described as a massive cunt drove past me and through a puddle. As they were driving at speed, I got splashed. I shouted some expletives at the car, half expecting the driver to stop, get out of the car and knock me out. I didn’t get into a fight and made it make to the car undamaged, but very soggy.

Half an hour later, I was home and in warm pyjamas, where I ate cake and watched television with my wife. I think we earnt the cake. As for the driver who splashed me, I hope they ran over a nail and burst all their tyres.

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In my life, Saturday afternoons are generally reserved for football. I will most likely be found on a terrace at Twerton Park or deepest, darkest Essex. If I am not watching a live game of football – swearing as Bath City lose – I’ll probably be at home, on the sofa, watching the updates come through on the television, while swearing as Leeds United lose.

This Saturday was different. I gave up the rough and tumble of the national game, for something a little more refined – a trip to the theatre.

We had decided to go to the Theatre Royal, to watch a production of a murder mystery called Rehersal For Murder.

While I am sure I went to the theatre in Bath as a child, I can’t remember any trips from my youth. I did, however, go last year to see the musical, Joseph. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, and even bought the CD at the end of the show.

I was expecting Rehearsal For Murder to be somewhat different. It was. Obviously.

Despite the lack of singing, camels and multicoloured dreamcoats, I thought the production was pretty good. It was your typical murder mystery story. Woman dies under suspicious circumstances, a big who-did-it unravels, before the killer is exposed, with the mandatory plot twist. I actually guessed the killer in the show’s interval, although didn’t predict the twist.

The show promised “an all star cast”, and there were some faces I recognised. Although, it wasn’t until we had left the theatre and arrived back home, that I realised one of the lead roles was played by the man who was Max in Brookside. Granted, it wasn’t Dean Sullivan – AKA Jimmy Corkhill – although he’s no doubt on Broadway.

Oh, Brookside. The only soap I ever truly enjoyed. Why did you have to get cancelled? Oh yea, the original producer left and the thing became shit.

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