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Take a look at this delightful video I found online.

A coyote befriending a badger to go hunting!

Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Now, as long as spiders and centipedes don’t join forces and declare war on humans, I’ll be ok.

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I have been made aware of a group of rats, who have been taught to drive. Yes, you read that right – drive!

It made me wonder – how must people who do not hold a driving licence feel, when they watch this video? Do they realise that a rodent is a better driver than them?

In fact, these rats are probably better than many drivers who do hold a licence!

Considering the fact that I haven’t been behind the wheel of a car for almost six years, these long-tailed darlings may make better drivers than me; despite the fact I hold a valid licence.

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Fireworks. Pretty impressive. They could even be considered beautiful. They’re definitely fun!

Fun for some, maybe.

If you are a pet owner, it is terrible. If you are an animal, it must be absolutely terrifying.

Imagine living in a warzone, not knowing if a bomb is going to flatten your home, killing you and your family. I can only think that this is close to what our poor pets, as well as local wildlife, must be experiencing.

Even if our furry friends are not thinking about bombs and war, one thing is for certain – they are petrified!

I have always known that animals hate fireworks, but it is only since having a house rabbit that I have seen first hand just how scared they become.

Poor Roman required a lot of love, comfort and reassure to recover, following some nearby bangs this evening.

Please think of this before lighting that firework.

Personally, considering the so-called ‘Nanny State’ we live in, I am surprised that fireworks are still legal. The amount of people who must get injured as a result of the things…

I am not calling for a firework ban. Firstly, such a decision would never be agreed by the government.

I also don’t want to sound like one of those people, who takes to their blog or social media, to demand something be banned because they personally don’t like it.

Although I know the next part of this post will make me sound exactly that…

Instead of banning fireworks, I would call for a few changes in the law on how they can be used…

  • Restrict the use of fireworks to public, licenced displays.
  • Alternatively, make it illegal to light a firework outside of a certain window of dates. For example the weekend prior to and days running up to 5th November are OK, as is New Year’s Eve. Anything else is a ‘no no’.

Any chance of passing my law? Nope. Thought not.

Some local moron was setting off fireworks this evening! What’s so special about 27th October; besides the fact that the clocks have gone back, meaning mummy is allowing them to spend an extra hour out on Weston Rec (a local field) with their equally moronic friends; one of whom has stolen a firework from his daddy’s shed?

No doubt these idiotic thirty-somethings will be back later in the week, once they get some more money; which they can spend on fireworks, after paying mummy the £20 weekly rent, and of course stocking up on Frosty Jack Cider. 6 litres for £1.95. Cheaper than bleach.

Those responsible for Roman’s scare.

Seriously, if wish to see fireworks, go to an organised display. It’ll be cheaper than buying your own fireworks and you’ll see a far superior display.

If you must have a display at home, only buy fireworks suitable for the size of your garden, don’t let them off in a public place (this IS illegal) and wait until closer to Bonfire Night! Only chavs let them off in October.

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Let this super cute sloth brighten your day.

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As of today, I have been a vegetarian for an entire year.

For me, it’s now a case of ‘hug a cow’, not ‘use one for chow’.

This pepperoni pizza was the last meat product to pass my lips. I have not eaten flesh since that takeaway… although I have to admit to still enjoying my vice – Fruit Pastilles and Wagon Wheels – both of which contain gelatin. I have also been known to consume Refresher sweets, which are apparently coloured with beetle blood…

I’m such a carnivore!

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