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I heard some good news today; there will be a Christmas single from Avid Merrion – start of the brilliant Bo Selecta! Last year of course was the excellent Proper Crimbo. This year the new single will be the American flop ‘Soda Pop’ as featured in Series 3 of the hilarious television series. Pre-order your copy now, it’ll be “Proper Bo” I tell thee.

In the cinema this week, The Incredibles will be officially released on Friday. It looks soooo funny, I’ve been looking forward to it since seeing the trailer back in August when I went to watch Shrek 2.

More on my visit to see Super Leeds United, I know I’m not the only one but I find the announcer at Elland Road extremely annoying. He was trying (badly) to get the crowd excited but they were silent. They only started making noise when he walked off the pitch!

I have an idea for a great announcer… Peter Kay! Sure he’s from Bolton, but he’s not a Wanderers fan. How about this as a pre-match crowd warm up…

Peter Kay: “How’s you all doing?”
30,000 Leeds fans: “Were doing fine!”

and when Leeds score
“Av it!”

and finally advertising away tickets
“You wanna get on that t’nternet. Get on Leeds and get your tickets. Booked it, packed it, fucked off!”

Well, I’d find it funny…

One last thing for tonight. You’ll hear nothing about that awful show that is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on this website. I like Big Brother, but I’m a Celebrity is just awful and I refuse to watch or comment on it.

Good bile!

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What a brilliant day yesterday! I joked about an 8-0 score for Leeds on Friday and it almost was! 6-1 against QPR is the best result Leeds have had in over 18 months and to witness it at Elland Road was just a marvellous experience which I will remember for the rest of my life.

The game started off very badly with QPR scoring in the first 100 seconds. For the remaining 88 minutes though Leeds were superb and were 2-1 up within 10 minutes. This lead to chants of “You’re not singing anymore” from the Leeds fans.

When the third goal was scored the QPR fans went all quite but were reminded where they were by the Leeds fans shouting “Shall we sing a song for you?”

Brian Deane, aged 36 and previously thought of as “over the hill” by most Leeds fans (myself included) got four of the six goals for Leeds! “Deano for England!”

All in all a brilliant game and one which reminds me why I am a Leeds fan.

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A bit of an early blog from me today. I’m off to work soon, but just for the morning as at 12.30 I’ll be heading up to Leeds for the game tomorrow. I haven’t even packed so that’ll be a five minute job when I get back from work!

While there, I won’t be able to update the site so you won’t see anything new on here until Sunday evening – at the earliest. I’ll try to make a few posts about the game on WACCOE so if you miss my comments that much you can always find them there (under the username sparkster).

Anyways, good luck to Leeds tomorrow. My serious prediction: 1-1

Leeds at home where they normally play well, QPR having a great season so it’ll be hard for all 3 points.

My ideal predication: 8-0 to Super Leeds

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Noooooooooo! Turned on Sky+ ready to watch Neighbours and noticed it has failed! This is the replacement box! It should work! Looks like the engineer is needed again! Me not happy.

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A large blog update today, so let the cat out, take the phone off the hook, boil some coffee and sit back, theres a lot to go through.Last night I went to see Alien vs. Predator at the cinema. I’ll start by saying so NOT believe the negative reviews! It was by no means a classic, but has to be one of the most underrated films of 2004.

I think the negative comments must come from critics comparing the film to the excellent Alien, Aliens and Predator which are three of the best films ever made.Going to the cinema of course meant I missed the football game between England and Spain. From the reports in the media today it sounds like I didn’t miss anything in what was a dire performance by England.

Rattle for Rooney!

The game was supposed to be a friendly but from the reports, it was far from it. The Spanish fans behaved in a disgusting manner, racially abusing Shawn Wright Phillips and Ashley Cole. The England players also disgraced themselves. Wayne Rooney was almost sent off and when substituted threw his black arm band (worn as a mark of respect) onto the ground. Shameful.Some good TV was on Tuesday.

Little Britain as good as always, I’m sad to say though that it is the last episode in the current series next week. Tuesday nights will never be the same again.I’m off to Leeds tomorrow afternoon to watch the game against QPR on Saturday. I’m hoping for a good game, it should be evenly matched.

Leeds are at home and QPR are doing well. Hopefully Leeds will put out a brilliant performance and win 8-0. Maybe not…

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