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OK, here is that promised blog from Wednesday, albeit a day or two late…

Wednesday evening I went to the cinema and Nandos. Unlike the previous week, we went for our Peri Peri Chicken pre-cinema, therefore being able to enjoy it at an earlier time.

The nice waitress was there again and during the meal I had one eye on the chicken and another on her. There was another guy doing the same, but one of his eyes was glass, so he couldn’t really help but stare.

After chicken we went to watch Crank at the cinema. The film starred Jason Statham, from Lock, Stock. Statham seems to have been appearing in a lot of films over the last few years and is fast turning into the British Bruce Willis, although he’s a better actor of course, being British :o)

Without going into all the usual film review bollocks, Crank has a similar plot to Speed, but instead of a bomb on a speeding bus, a poison is injected into Statham’s body, causing death upon relaxation.

And that was Wednesday over. Of course, you all know about Healy Hobbit Feet’s great game against Spain.

Thursday. As I also mentioned the other day, I am looking for a new flatmate. Somebody came to look round in the evening. Oh my God, what a fucking freak. I don’t want to sound cruel, but there is absolutely no way I would want to share a flat with this guy…

He must have been about 40 (not his fault, everybody is ageing), but he dressed and talked like some comic book geek. He also stunk. You know when you pass a group of tramps in the street and notice an unpleasant odour in the air, well he smelt of tramp. He also wore a raincoat – it was a clear, sunny, Septembers evening. He was just weird… too weird. Not this time, not this fucking time, etc, etc, etc…

Friday. I nearly fall flat on my face at work. Wandering down a corridor I noticed that I was standing right above a massive spider. In a desperate panic to escape, I performed a kind of leap/sprint/dive out of the way. The idea that “spiders are more scared of you than you are of them” is just an old wives tale.

Watkins and Simon also came round for a few games of GoldenEye. Once again the playing conditions were very hot and humid. The neighbours and local psychiatric ward were also treated to an array of screams, yelps and shouts of abuse from the three of us.

Never mind all that drug and hyperactivity bollocks that Jason Statham had to perform in Crank to keep himself alive. All he would have had to of done is played a few rounds of GoldenEye with us. That would get the old adrenalin flowing very nicely.

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