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I leave Bath for one day and civil war breaks out.

On my way home, I saw a police car tearing into the coach park, where a riot van was already parked. Further on, I saw officers interviewing a teenage girl who looked rather upset. Finally, just a few houses away from my flat, there was yet more police investigating a smashed window at the corner shop.

What’s been going on? Where I live, the biggest disturbance is normally when somebody’s cat goes missing. Now it’s like I’m living in Downtown Los Angeles!

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Tomorrow morning, I make one of the longest trips in my football supporting career. I am travelling all the way from Twerton Park, Bath to Dover – the far south east of England.

Dover is so far away, it is almost in France. I suppose tomorrow afternoon’s game is the closest Bath City will ever get to playing a European Cup tie.

After visiting the various pick up points on route, the journey will amount to a 400 mile round trip. Such a distance could see me take a one way trip to Paris, get 1/600th of the way to the moon, drive all the way to Glasgow, walk 60% of all the roads in London, or make up a years worth of walking from my flat to work and back home again.

Dover are top of the league and doing very well. Bath City have been struggling a bit of late and sit uncomfortably midtable. A sensible betting man wouldn’t place a penny on the boys from Somerset getting anything from the game. Hopefully the players will prove the pundits (and me) wrong, upset the odds and make the mammoth journey worthwhile.

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Awww… I knew the big fat footie barons had a heart.

I was calling for just such a move at the time of the Setanta collapse. I’m glad to see they decided to give in to my demands.

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I wish I hadn’t watched this. I’m going to have nightmares.

I’ve always been scared of spiders, but never thought any of those living in the UK could give you a serious bite – moreso just a major scare, as they run across your floor like an eight-legged Usain Bolt.

Now I know they have a taste for human flesh, my phobia has got even worse.

That bloke at the end, happily letting the beast run over his hands, is just insane.

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Joffre decided to take a few days annual leave to celebrate his birthday.
In his absence we decided to re-wire his chair.
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