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While at work today, I had the task of collecting material for my annual appraisal. The idea behind these is to make sure you are doing your job properly and not spending your days messing about playing solitaire (and to identify further development needs etc etc…)

I now have a portfolio crammed full of stuff, which proves I do a little bit more than simply feeding the hamsters who power the network servers by running in their wheels.

Last year, the cover sheet for my folder looked like this

This time, I am under struck instructions NOT to include a cover sheet again.
Guess I won’t be using this then…

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OK, due to demand from some colleagues, here’s a review of the work Christmas party last Friday (the food side of things, anyway)…

I won’t name the place we went to for fear of embarrassing them. I have been there a few times before and the food is normally very good.

The Christmas dinner was done as a carvery. We would all queue up, like we were collecting school dinners to get our meal. Normally this would be fine, but school dinners cost £1. This meal was almost £25…

I wasn’t too impressed with the food. I was only given one sausage and three slices of turkey. The vegetables tasted like they were from a tin. For £25, I expect my peas and carrots to be hand grown by Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, not hand delivered by Dwayne at Radco. And I only got one sausage.

My stuffing was more like dog food, the turkey dry (although that’s probably normal) and I was only given one sausage (sorry, did I mention that already?)

The starter (tomato soup) was very nice; although as it was so spicy, it was more like a curry which has been put in a blender. Chris, who is yet to sample an Indian more spicy than Chicken Korma, struggled to finish his.

After the main course, I had ice cream. Nothing special, but to be fair, I could have gone for more exotic choices. Ice cream is ice cream, and while you can buy it in Somerfield, it made me happy.

Despite all this, a lot of people were pleased with their meal and we all had a good night. I suppose I’m just a miserable bastard who doesn’t really like Christmas dinner at the best of times. Maybe next year I’ll have curry, pizza or just stick this in the microwave…

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I thought I would do a quick blog, in case you were worried I was trapped in the coach in the middle of a flooded Devon field…

My prediction for a City win was wrong, so the less said about that the better. I still had a good day out in Torquay – not all the locals are like Basil Fawlty.

I solved my Saturday night dilemma too. Simon came round and we watched the Barca-Real Madrid game while drinking Sheppy’s cider.

I was also able to find out all about X Factor, thanks to Claire sending me live updates. I was surprised Owen/Eoghan/Eggnog got booted out first and disappointed that the annoying Alexandra woman won. Never mind… Geraldine McQueen for Christmas No.1!

Sunday wasn’t as fun. The afternoon was spent in Asda. It is just under 2 weeks until Christmas Day, but it may as well have been Christmas Eve. The shop was absolutely packed and full of shoppers desperately grabbing everything they could from the shelves. Have I missed something on the news? Is a deadly hurricane heading towards the West Country? I see no other reason for such panic.

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Considering I’m travelling from Bath to Torquay in a minute, this isn’t great news.

“Mr Evans urged motorists to travel only if the trip was absolutely necessary.”

It’s the FA Trophy 1st Round – of course it’s necessary!

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In the early hours of Saturday morning (well, about 10am – still far too early for a weekend), I leave the warmth my flat to head to the cold suburbs of Twerton, where I will catch a coach to Devon to watch Bath City play Torquay United in the FA Trophy.

Torquay are in a higher league to Bath, but City have been on a recent run of decent results. Maybe it is the start of madness, but I just have this feeling that we are going to win. Call it a crazy hunch… whatever.

If we lose, this blog is forgotten about and my false prediction will never be mentioned again. If we win, I will be acknowledged as not only a dedicated Bath City fan, who has the upmost faith in his team, but as a pure psychic.

Come on City!

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