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After a really good evening at the Bath City Supporters Club Quiz Night, I settled down for the remainder of the evening with a beer in front of The Inbetweeners on TV.

My viewing was interrupted when I noticed a horrifying sight – the mother of all spiders running at high speed across the floor.

I have dealt with this terrifying situation before, but it never gets easier. I ran to the kitchen where I found my ‘spider killer’ and unleashed half a can onto it. After a hard-fought battled, I managed to trap the drug-induced monster under a pint glass (nothing else was big enough).

It is still alive and I am too scared to go near it. I may call the US Military in to interrogate it using water boarding to find out how it found its way into my flat and, more importantly, if it has brought any friends along.

To make matters worse, I posted a message on Facebook telling of my horror, only for the Bath City captain, Jim Rollo, to reply, ridiculing me for being “a big girl”!

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Britain’s Got Talent is back and therefore, so are the amazing stupid people auditioning.

The best one of the night was some Scottish bloke who tried to beat a World Record in eating 8 Forero Roche chocolates in under a minute. He only managed 4. Even presenter, Ant, could manage 5.

Unsurprisingly the Scot failed.

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After his very generous gesture back in January, Sky Sports News presenter and general cool guy, Jeff Stelling, offered to take my friends and me out for pizza and cinema again. OK, it wasn’t Stelling personally; John works for Sky and was given the vouchers as a gift – obviously from Jeff himself who had been admiring his work from afar.

We started the evening’s proceedings at Pizza Express. I went for the good old Pepperoni. Simon decided to have a pizza called Etna. Despite his pizza being named after one of the most impressive and active volcanoes in the world, Simon was a tad surprised to find his pizza was rather hot. This led to him picking chillies off his sizzling dish and nibbling at the base like some kind of squirrel.

When he finally finished his pizza, Simon was left with a pile of chillies on his plate. Not wanting to offend the chef, we suggested he should finish his meal like a good little boy. Unsurprisingly, he refused to eat the red hot chilli peppers. It time to play mind games…

Simon is a massive Arsenal fan. His team haven’t been doing too well in recent times and haven’t won a trophy in 52 years. I informed the poor Gooner that if he did not eat his chillies, Arsenal would not win a single honour ever again. Amazingly, this seemed to work, and Simon devoured the chillies.

If Arsenal do indeed win a trophy in the next 5 years, it is not down to the managerial skills of Arsene Wenger or world-class talent of Emmanuel Eboue. No, it was because on the night of Saturday 11th April 2009, Simon Goater ate a pile of chilli peppers.

After the pizza, we travelled to Longwell Green in Bristol where we went to the cinema to watch The Boat That Rocked. A film set in the 1960’s and based on a ship in the North Sea broadcasting pirate radio. I really enjoyed it, especially all the instantly recognisable British actors who filled the excellent cast list.

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The tax-funded Bath-based university may have cut the sporting budget, therefore killing Team Bath FC, but there was still one vital game for them to play before they shut up shop forever. The ‘students’ had to face their landlords, Bath City – a side who they had never beaten in their 10 year history.

Luckily for my fellow Bath City fans and me, it was 10 games from 10 unbeaten against Team Tax as Somerset’s premier non-league side destroyed their tenants 1-0. The score line may sound close, but the performance was not.

As has been with so many City/Tax encounters, today really was a case of men against boys.

The final whistle blew at 16:50. A Twerton Park, full of City fans and void of any Team Bath supporters, became a caldron of noise, with chants of ‘You’ll never beat The City’ and ‘Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio’. A lovely way to send the defeated students packing – this time for good.

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