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Such a shame the BBC didn’t think of this two weeks ago…

At the start of the World Cup, drop Richard Hammond in the middle of South Africa with an old moped. Then see who can get to Paris quicker – Hammond or the whole of the French National Football Team. My money would be on the latter.

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Apparently yesterday was the longest day of the year. I hope everybody made the most of it. From now on, we can look forward to dark evenings, while staying in wearing slippers and drinking cocoa.

Also, I am lead to believe Wimbledon has started again. I do not know anything about tennis, nor do I have any interest in the sport. However, one thing that would get me watching is if the crowd swapped their strawberries and cream for those annoying horns in the World Cup. I would love to see Andy McMurray ‘tee-off’ (or whatever the term is) to the sound of hundreds of vuvuzelas!

Lastly, I am off to a posh hotel tomorrow – The Lansdown Grove Hotel in Bath. Unfortunately, I will only be there for the morning whilst I attend a training course – I will not be staying the night. I’ll keep an eye out for complimentary soap and coffee though.

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The other night, I was awoken at 3am to the sound of alarming, high pitched screams from outside. This meant only one of two things…

Either John Terry had been caught cheating again, and his wife had gone for his genitals with a pair of scissors OR the foxes are back and playing ‘doctors and nurses’ in the garden.

As Mr. Terry was on TV this afternoon, apparently with his meat and two veg, I can only assume the screams were caused by the latter.

To avoid listening to foxy porn every night throughout the summer, I am being forced to sleep with my bedroom windows closed, despite the heat 🙁

I said it last year – I need a horse and a pack of hounds!

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Friday night, I watched the infamous shambles that was England’s efforts in the World Cup and what billions of people are now calling Algeria-gate. Despite the terrible display, I did not boo from the sofa, nor would I have done had I travelled to South Africa. I totally disagree with every supporter that jeered their team. As long as we are still in the tournament, we need to support the players. I cannot see how turning on them is going to help! Honestly – we’re not French!

However, should we lose on Wednesday and get knocked out (which we won’t), I’ll be booing louder than those bloody South African horns!


Saturday was a quiet one. I had to work Sunday, so chose not to go out in the evening. Instead I stayed in all day playing Red Dead Redemption. I completed the main section of the game last week, but like with such titles as Grand Theft Auto, am now working my way through all the sub-missions and plots. Yesterday involved killing animals with just my trusty pen knife. Stabbing killer bears, cougars and wolves is not easy!

Them bears are scary!

A large part of Sunday was spent in work. Our new IT system has gone live and I was providing weekend support. It was somewhat surreal working on a Sunday, especially as it was so quiet in the office. The rest of the day involved playing more RDR, before visiting my daddy for Fathers Day and watching more football, with Brazil reminding me that there is at least one decent team in the competition this year.

With the busy week at work. I am proud to say that I have no doubt worked considerably harder than the England football team. Although saying that, if I had spent the week at home wandering around in just my pants whilst eating rice pudding from the tin, I would still have achieved more than John Terry & co.

Back to work tomorrow. I will need another holiday before long!


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